Use the following diagram to connect your DS18B20 "1-Wire" Temperature sensor.

A couple notes before you get started

  • Make sure Raspberry Pi is powered off when connecting wires.
  • When using a GPIO ribbon cable, make sure the power wire (it's a different color than the others) is connected to the corner of your Raspberry Pi and the top of your Pi cobbler.
  • The provided diagram is just an example of how to connect the sensor. There are many ways to connect sensors and extensions, so try what works best for you!
  • Some full-size breadboards (used in diagrams below) have a powerline that is separated in the middle. If this is the case, be sure your sensors are connected on the same half of the breadboard as your Pi Cobbler.
  • To take advantage of myDevices automatic detection of 1-wire sensor, connect them to GPIO 4.
Step 1 Connect your power line.
Step 2 Connect your ground line.
Step 3 Connect the DS18B20 control pin to GPIO Pin 4 on the Pi Cobbler. Connecting to GPIO 4 allows for automatic detection with myDevices.
Step 4 You're done! myDevices will automatically detect the DS18B20 sensor and add it to your dashboard.